Tuesday, May 1, 2012

baby shower love

Last baby shower post I promise! I just want to share the friend and family pictures from the shower too. Yesterday I shared all of the gorgeous details that we put together but today I want to share all the things that really made this shower what it was.
Like I said, we are incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends and family. Branson is the luckiest baby in the world.
My older sister, Jenn and I. We are super excited Aunts to be!

My radiant little sister, and look at that belly!!!

My sister's best friend from high school who flew up to surprise her for the shower

Jenn and my cousin Devan

The incredible mountain of presents

Jess and her super gorgeous group of friends, I mean really - STUNNING!

Jess and her dog (who is speedy fast - hence the blur) Addie. Addie is wearing her "big sister to be" pin on her collar!

I love this silly snapshot of my sister. We're watching Jess open gifts

All snuggled in the living room to watch her open gifts. Also, small shout out to Gigi, the girl in the blue who is
currently pregnant too! She's 25 weeks and looking fabulous!! So many babies all at the same time, love it!!

As a side note, I think I'll be doing the photo a day challenge in May! Here's the list:

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