about me

I'm a 27 year old fan of all things pretty. I could spend hours surfing around the internet oogling the gorgeous things that are available out there. I don't think there is even a specific style that I would say I follow, just all things pretty.

I am definitely a new runner as I have only been at it for about five months now, but I love it. I started out with the c25k plan and after 9 weeks I was a running machine! After 11 weeks I ran my first 5k. It ended up being a "super 5k" (A post on that event will come eventually!) and I was hooked. I'm far from speedy, some might even say I'm slow, but I do it. I run as often as possible. Since becoming hooked on running I now have another new addiction, running gear and goodies! I follow a bunch of running blogs now (some of which can be found in my blogroll) and I definitely find myself swooning over running shoes, shorts and all sorts of other goods!

I love the softness of peonies especially in contrast the harsh straight lines of modern decor. I love neutrals even more when paired with a splash of bright color, and nothing beats a little bit of sparkle. I can't wait to share all of my favorite things with you.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and please leave me some love while you were here. Feel free to send an email my way if you have any questions at all! I appreciate every single person who stops by, without you it is just my yorkies and me snuggling and gazing at the same pictures over and over again.