Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have heard the phrase "winning!" far too much recently, darn you Charlie Sheen. But I'm pretty excited for this week's Oh, how pinteresting Wednesday!


Source: Pioneer Party and Gift via Cindy on Pinterest

Source: Gingerbread via Paula on Pinterest

Source: Cookin' up North via Penny on Pinterest

Source: Budget Bytes via Carolyn on Pinterest

Source: My Baking Addiction via Alicia on Pinterest

some like it hot

When we went to the salsa festival, the plan was for it to be just me and my mom. Saturday night my aunt called us and asked if they could meet us there, so we made it a family affair! I'm definitely a "more the merrier" kind of person so I was thrilled. The weather was calling for pretty severe thunderstorms in the afternoon so we met up at 11 to try to beat the thunder. We weren't successful at all! We ended up running through the orchard seeking shelter in pouring rain with very loud thunder. It was a quick moving storm though, so once it passed we headed back out into the fields to get the rest of our bounty. After the storm was over, the skies cleared right up and it was sunny and H-O-T, a perfect August day.

My gorgeous mother - she brings coffee with her everywhere she goes!

My family seeking the perfect spicy peppers to use to make hot pepper oil! Delicious!

My cousin, he's such a ham.

Rows and rows and rows of tomato vines. I love Marlboro's rolling hills. Gorgeous scenery there!

My mom scouring for the perfect tomatoes - we found LOTS of them.

I wished these were ripe, they were just so plump and perfect looking!

More tomatoes.

Standing in a row of peach trees. I look a bit damp here because it was post downpour. 

It was raining again, but as long as there was still coffee she was happy!

I went to pick this peach only to find this bug. I left the peach for him to have.

Our bounty of peaches and tomatoes. We also got cucumbers, zucchini, bell
peppers, hot peppers, banana peppers and an eggplant.
Even with the rain, it was a great outing to the town I grew up in. I have so many great memories of running around these orchards and driving the winding roads of that small town. I really love it there.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

...every day I'm shufflin'

Does anyone else have music ADD like I do? I feel like after 2 weeks of the same music I wanna throw my headphones on the ground and pout like a 2 year old until I can find something fresh or exciting to add to my playlist. It can be something stupid and small like 2 songs, something to just liven up the mix. It is seriously hard!
Now I've even resorted to awesomely bad music for my runs. I've included songs by stellar song writers such as Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj! Simply awful really, but catchy! I think that is the biggest requirement for my workout has to be catchy! I like stupid music that I can dance to while I run/elliptical/weight lift and such. Apparently I'm not afraid of looking completely ridiculous while I basically fist pump down the road to Roman's Revenge my Nicki Minaj.
So I plead with you friends, help me with my playlist! What are your favorite songs to car dance to? Because in reality those make the best run-dancing songs too.

hurricane irene

We got through the storm safe and sound. We didn't lose power, no major flooding (just our leech field, but that always floods) and the same thing goes for most of my family.
For the past few days I have found it to be really frustrating that people are commenting that Irene was lame and over hyped. It was a strong hurricane inching up the coast and then thankfully when it got here it sped way up. The ground speed nearly doubled. We were very fortunate. The town I grew up in is completely under water this morning. I'm very fortunate that I live about 5 miles west of there now and therefore away from the river and a bit up into the Shawangunk Mountains.
I'm asking for your thoughts and prayers for those who are continuing to be affected by the flooding that came along with this storm.
Town of Highland. Water where the road should be.
A favorite bar. Town of Newburgh. (The toy truck floating does make this picture a little funny)

City of Beacon. MTA Beacon train station

More of the town of Highland.

Mall parking lot. Town of Newburgh.

None of these pictures are actually mine, they were posted on facebook by different friends throughout the storm.

Monday, August 29, 2011

more photographer love

Browsing pinterest has been a gold mine for finding amazing photographers. Today I'm going to show some love for Miller + Miller Photography of Chicago. It is a husband and wife team and they have create amazing and unique shots.
Without further ado here are some photos from their blog.

Friday, August 26, 2011

friday fancies!!

I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving for the first time today for her Friday Fancies link party! I'm so excited! And I was even more excited when I got word that the theme for this week was for a wedding guest! Definitely up my alley.
I'm more than a little bit in love with these shoes. This isn't the first time I've used them from Polyvore. I think they are the perfect accent for just about any outfit. Too bad they are way too much money and I can never ever have them!!

Wedding guest

Thursday, August 25, 2011

this or that

Yesterday morning I posted all about the new active line at old navy and then when I saw my mom last night she surprised me with a pair of the compression shorts! I'm so excited about them! I tried them on last night and I love the fit. They are compression without suffocating me. I'm going to wear them for my super short run this afternoon (2 miles) and then for my super sweaty weight lifting workout. So I'll be back later with a review....Maybe a picture or two - if you can handle my chub. hehe.

Last week on Katie's blog, Keep Calm & Carry On she posted a whole mess of either or questions and answered them herself and encouraged her readers to borrow the questions and answer them on their own blogs. I loved the questions so here we go!

1. Tribal or Aztec? I don't think I can pull this look off. But if I had to choose I think I would go Aztec.

2. Girly or Boho? Definitely girly. I'm such a silly girly girl. I love flowers and shimmer and feminine details.

3. Floral or Paisley? I'm going to go with paisley! I love it not just for clothes but for pretty much anything in life. I love paisley for bathrooms or accent pillows as well as shirts and dresses!
From Forever21
4. Chunky or Single bracelets? I would pick single, but I really hate bracelets on me. A stupid thing I know, but I don't really like my wrists, they are especially chunky for my frame. Yuck.

5. Single or layered necklaces? Single, I think I'm more simple. I'd pick a plain chain with one pendant. I wear a circle necklace most often.

6. Nude pumps or red heels? Right now, I'd go with nude pumps. I love the simplicity and almost fashion-y look of them. I love that they go with everything and they look awesome without taking attention away from the outfit. But red heels definitely have their own time and place.

7. Voluminous or lengthening mascara: I'm addicted to covergirl LashBlast mascara in very black. I especially LOVE the waterproof one! They call it "volume blasting," so I think that answers the question!

8. Smashbox or NARS? I've always been a NARS fan. Their blush in orgasm is my favorite of all time. Although I'm a huge fan of the smashbox photo finish makeup primer. But that is the only smashbox product I actually love. I have never had good luck with their eyeshadows which has always frustrated me. I have found them to break easily.

9. Foundation or tinted moisturizer? I use powder foundation whenever I'm not tan. When I get tan the ugly red blotchiness that I get goes away a bit, so I just use moisturizer and some bronzer for  depth.

10. Creme blush or benetint? I love benetint as a lip stain, but I don't have the guts to use a stain on my cheeks. I use powder blush.

11. Liquid line or gel liner? I don't use eye liner, hence my obsession with that mascara.

12. Highlighting or contour? Definitely highlighting. I love a tiny bit of shimmer on my cheekbones!

13. Sephora or Ulta? Either. I really like the Ulta and Sephora brand products, so really I'd take either. If you could bring either one closer to my house, I'd like them more. Right now I would be more likely to go to sephora because there is one in the JCPenney in the mall closest to my house.

14. CVS or Walgreens? I have a new found love affair with walgreens! Sometimes they have AMAZING deals. I was very proud that recently I got 2 banana boat shimmer sunscreens, 2 after sun lotions and a thing of walgreens aloe all for $7! I was pretty stoked.

15. Touch up stick or liquid concealer? Liquid concealer, you know that ugly red blotchiness I referenced earlier? Yeah...I need the heavy duty concealer for those days.

16. Tanning mousse or tanning bed?  Definitely NOT the bed...well I guess not the mousse either because I'm allergic to them. I get horrible hives and soo itchy from it. Really I go with whatever tan I get while I'm outside running. I'm not one to want to sit in the sun...I have a serious irrational fear of skin cancer.

17. Feathers or no feathers? No feathers for me, but I adore the look on others. I'll stick to feather earrings though.

18. Curling wand or curling iron? I don't usually go curly, and I don't know what a curling wand is... So neither?

19. Flat iron or blow dryer? Definitely a blow dryer. If I wear my hair down I always blow it out. I rarely straighten because I have pin straight hair naturally.

20. Messy bun or ponytail? A ponytail. My hair is long and heavy! If I put it up in a bun it stretches out the ponytail holder and falls out. So insanely frustrating!

21. Braid or fishtail? Braid. I love pigtail french braids....Unfortunately, I can't do it to myself so it doesn't happen very often...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

oh! how pinteresting.....

Two days in a row of double posts? I'm a machine!
Today for the first time I'm linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!


I am so excited to be joining in to this for the first time. I have a serious pinterest addiction. So much so that I had no idea where to start. I wanted to go with some sort of theme and after a lot of consideration, I picked fall. I'm pining for fall hardcore right now. Maybe it is the cool almost chilly nights we've been having, or the tree in my backyard that is already turning yellow, or the fact that I am ready to start roasting vegetables and whole chickens. 
So these are the fall pins I'm in love with this week:

Source: Prep Fom the Midwest via Dana on Pinterest

Source: Closet Cooking via Shanelle on Pinterest

Source: Polyvore via Megan on Pinterest

Source: Polyvore via Stephanie on Pinterest

Source: Flickr via ThuyDuong on Pinterest

Source: Bob Hair Styles via Lisa on Pinterest
I'm cutting my hair so soon! I'm 4 pounds away from goal weight number 1! I'm going with a shoulder length bob. Very blunt and dark like that! I'm so excited!!

Source: The Skinny Chef via Melissa on Pinterest

new gym clothes

First thing is first, there was an earthquake yesterday. An earthquake!! It was nothing really, mostly it felt like my dogs were wrestling under my chair. I would have completely ignored it had facebook not almost immediately blown up with reports of it. Obviously there was no damage (thank goodness!!) or even any real effect around here. We are a little more worried about Irene who is barreling up the coast headed right for us. My thoughts are focused more on those in North Carolina and Virginia who will get the brunt of the storm, but we are preparing for some pretty heavy duty winds up here too...

Ok, back to what I actually wanted to write about this morning....more clothes!!

Along the same lines as Monday's post, my gym clothes are getting a bit too big on me. This is great news but also a bit frustrating. As with real clothes, I don't want to spend much money on my transitional workout clothes because I really don't want to be this size for long. So I was pretty excited about the email I got from Old Navy last week about their new activewear line. There are some cute pieces, but I doubt they are high quality. They will work well for now I suppose. I have a bunch of races coming up this fall that I'm going to want some cute running gear for, and I think this might be the answer! All of these are from Old Navy.

Super cute pattern!!

Interesting shape, I'll be interested in seeing how it fits.

Perfect for the transition for fall, a long compression capri pant

For the rest of the summer, I love bermuda shorts!

ps. I'll be back in a bit with my very first oh how pinteresting wednesday!!! so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

gratuitous pictures of myself

I have a small obsession with self takes. I take them all the time. I always make sure to do it from the silly slightly above the head angle as to avoid showing off my double/triple chins too.
I don't know what else I'm going to do with all of these pictures, so I mine as well show off my ridiculousness to all ya'll.
In my aunt's backyard while playing with
my 3 year old cousin

Showing far too many teeth in my kitchen.

Bringing Mike to join in on the
fun with me!

With a mouth full of salsa...Pretty!

I hate this angle of my face. I don't like
how my nose looks.

Smiling, but blurry.

In the middle of an orchard after getting drenched by rain.

Sans glasses (rarely happens) but the flash making half my face
disappear (happens all the time)

Super schweaty after a long run.

While driving? I'm assuming I'm at a stop light here...

While babysitting my favorite 2 year old.

Randomly in my bathroom mirror.
Mike calls this my sexy face.

While drunk...Duck lips for the camera.

SexyFace comes out to play again. (we can play count the chins!)

Hanging with family

Snuggling my favorite man.

I make ridiculous faces for the camera - and what possessed me
to take pictures of myself with drowned rat wet hair??

In my car again...

While babysitting again....
I'm completely ridiculous. I think 19 may have been too many pictures for one blog post.

Do you do the silly self-take thing too?? Share some of your own silly pics!