Monday, December 10, 2012

Good morning

I have been a bad bad blogger and I'm sorry! With all the new things going on over here I barely have time to check my email let alone blog about it.

But - the good news is, I'm making time! This week is the start of something new and I couldn't be more excited about it. The anticipation and lead up to this coming weekend has been killing me and it's finally here. So, with sparkly gold nails, a cute dress and a 4 hour car ride...I'm saying wahoo! to new adventure.

Expect me back tomorrow with some killer cookie and cupcake recipes. It's the holidays and I have many things to share :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

holiday love

This is my favorite time of year. I love every bit of what comes along with the holidays, the shopping, the baking, the time spent with friends and family...I love it all. My tree is up, my fireplace is burning and there are presents under my tree. All that is missing is a bit of cocoa with home made marshmallows!
Some other things I'm loving this holiday season...

Gorgeous table! I love the colors so much. Cool and cozy. Perfect.

Really pretty. I have a thing of Christmas balls on my mantel, I'll be adding some battery operated lights into it today!

Beautiful wrapping. I usually go a bit more colorful, but this is still pretty awesome. Sometimes simple and gorgeous is perfect.

It's a little girl, candyland Christmas! I love this, even with a pink Christmas tree!!

Source: via Janelle on Pinterest

Gorgeous simple decorated cupcakes. I love simple and pretty they are.

Ok, not Christmas but so perfect.

So true.

I love this!

Monday, December 3, 2012

city sidewalks...

On Saturday morning, I got up bright and early to head into the city. My older sister, Jenn, is a pre-k teacher and takes her class of 4 year olds to see the tree and Santa. My mom, cousin Dean and I joined in on the trip to share in some of the merriment!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

make it better...

Post break up with Mike, things are different. I've been trying my hardest to stay busy and try not to focus on the fact that I'm lonely and that becoming single during the holidays sucks. I know that I made the decision to break up, and that I wanted this, but it's still really hard.

Source: via Sally on Pinterest

I have been talking to a new guy a tiny bit, and I like him, but I'm not really sure I'm ready to jump into anything. I know that I need time to "mourn" the loss of my relationship with Mike and not just try to fill the void that was left.

So, my real goal here is to focus on me. Focus on the holiday season. Focus on how lucky I am to have the other people in my life.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh, pinterest.

Yay for Pinterest Wednesdays throughout the holiday season. These are the best.

I plan on living a lot this holiday season. With bright red lips and nails!

One of my favorite things to do throughout the Christmas season is to spread random acts of kindness. In my family we all call it "passing the cheer"

These puppies! Oh my.

Such a cute centerpiece idea.

Seriously can't wait to do this with every fridge I come into contact with!!


Perfect for a Christmas cake!!

So cute.

I'll take this please.

Loving new appetizer ideas!

Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

holiday kickoff

Thanksgiving weekend is probably my favorite weekend of the entire year. Wednesday we make pie. Thursday we eat! Friday and Saturday we shop and then Sunday we get our Christmas trees! This year it definitely didn't disappoint. We had the best time!
First, we feast! Look how big my (11 year old!!!!) niece has gotten!!

Then we shopped. We spent about 10 hours (starting at 11pm Thursday night) at the Palisades mall. We had a few too many trips to Starbucks, and a lot of laughs. I seriously love black friday shopping!!
Then we shopped some more. Saturday morning 6am at Woodbury Commons!
Then we celebrated. It was time to cut down Christmas trees! Hopefully I'll get mine up today or tomorrow and I'll have pictures to share. 

I hope your weekend was full of wonderful times with friends and family. I'm still recovering from mine! Last night it took all of my effort to stay up until 8pm! I was soo ready for bed at 6!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving. Today's the one day of the year that we are all supposed to reflect on the things in our lives that we're grateful for. This year more than any other, I know that I'm a very lucky girl. I'm surrounded by amazing friends and family and we've been through a lot this year.

Kicking cancers ass. And magically recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

The best family on the planet.

The best friends on the planet who are there no matter what happens.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

oh, how pinteresting.

It's one of the best Wednesdays of the year, it's pie day and it's pinterest day. How could that be bad? There were way too many pins that I loved this week, so without further ado, and without too much wordiness, here are some of my favorites...

If you were looking for ideas, this is exactly what I'd like for Christmas.

Or this house. You could buy this for me...So gorgeous.

Adorable DIY ornaments.

Source: via Tara on Pinterest

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Stunning table setting.


These look delicious, I'll be adding them to the cookie list for this year!

Source: via Beatriz on Pinterest

Source: via Rachael on Pinterest

There is a good chance that I need this shirt in my life.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

This is too cute. Maybe a onesie for Branson?!

Happy Wednesday friends!

And Happy Thanksgiving if you aren't around tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

bad. bad. bad.

I've been a bad blogger for the past few weeks. Life has been busy and it has been a little rough to blog about anything when my heart hasn't been there. In short, Mike and I broke up. It just wasn't right and I'm working through it and trying to figure out where to go from here.

In an effort to have a weekend to unwind, I made the trek up to Boston for my friend Anne's 29th birthday celebration. Her birthday is kind of a big deal in our circle of friends, and is celebrated with a party bus every year. We do different themes every year. We've done 80's, animal print, neon, white trash (horribly offensive but hilarious) and this year was "so bad it's good". Going out of her 20's with a bang, this bus will be hard to beat!