Tuesday, May 22, 2012

barbecue sauces

This is apparently the week of barbecues! Going into memorial weekend, I'm ready for summer and ready for lots of bbq-ing!
Pinterest is FULL of barbecue sauce recipes, I can't wait to try these:

What I love about this one is that is completely from scratch. A lot of the recipes I found use a ketchup base. Not that I'm opposed to ketchup (I really love it!), I just like the idea of making a sauce from the ground up!

A peach sauce sounds amazing! Especially using fresh peaches on top of chicken - yum! I have a couple family members that are allergic to raw peaches, but they can eat cooked - this would be a great way to let them eat (real!) peach flavor without having a reaction.

A spicy barbecue sauce! With a bonus chopped beef sandwich recipe that sounds divine!

Baked Bree can do almost no wrong and this sauce looks divine!! Can't wait to try it!

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