Thursday, May 17, 2012

so sore

After the half, I became a slacker. My running took a major hit and even my trips the gym became less frequent. I even managed to gain 5 of the pounds that I had kept off for the last year back. So two weeks ago I decided to cut the bs and get myself back to the gym.

I read a lot of healthy living and healthy eating blogs almost daily. One of my favorites is definitely The Fitnessista. Earlier this week she posted that she did her "Shweaty May Workout" and was really happy with the burn. So Tuesday I decided to give it a go. First off, I barely got through it. I was good all the way up to the stability ball leg lifts. I think I died a little bit on the mat.
That was NOTHING compared to how my legs felt yesterday and still feel today. The squats and lunges definitely did a number on my quads. I can barely move!
So if you're looking for a workout that will kick your butt, I really have to suggest this one!

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