Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wednesday is for pinterest

This short week is going crazy fast! I can't believe hump day is here already! I'm pretty excited about it though. Last week I shared a million summer barbecue related pins, this week I'm going to diversify a bit more. I have a hodge-podge of things to share with you!

Curtain tie backs with a soft, girly feel. I adore these.

Quinoa broccoli casserole sounds amazing. I think I need to make this very soon! Next rainy day!

Source: via Lynnie on Pinterest

The yellow bathroom is gorgeous. I adore how soft and sunny it is. I suppose it would definitely wake you up in the morning.

Seriously?! I LOVE this. It is a tutu....ON a bed. What an adorable concept for a little girl's princess room!

Raspberry macaroons. Oh my. I'll be making these this week to bring to our next barbecue.

I'm always on the hunt for new workout gear and this shirt is just gorgeous! I adore it.

Not only is this a sunny, beautiful picture but I would love that wall art in my house. The sentiment is wonderful.

I hope you're having a great hump day....I'll be back tomorrow with a weekend recap!


Nikki said...

The tutu on the bed is adorable! I agree it would be awesome for a princess room!

Julie said...

Raspberry macaroons with a ice cream scoop look gorgeous.