Thursday, May 24, 2012


I'm so looking forward to this long weekend lounging by the pool! I'm not sure what the exact plans are, but I know between hanging out with my family and Mike's family we will have lots of delicious food, some awesome cocktails and oodles of glorious (and safe!) time in the sun.
Here are some of my recent Martha Stewart cocktail finds that I'm debating for this weekend!

lemony spiked sweet tea. I love that this one is spiked with Rum and not vodka. Plus, I drink gallons of unsweetened iced tea during the spring and summer, so why not continue that with my cocktails?!

Lemon drops on the rocks. I'll never forget the first time I had a "lemon drop" shot. I was at a bar in Boston with my two college bffs, Anne and Kristyn, and Anne offered to go grab a round of shots. Kristyn and I were a little indifferent as to what it should be so Anne suggested lemon drops. She comes back with shots of vodka and pieces of sugared lemon. That was the last time we let her convince us that a shot "tastes like candy!"

Pineapple-rum cocktails. Yum! Nothing says summer like a rum cocktail. I really love pineapple too. We pretty much always have fresh pineapple on hand during the summer and this tool makes it SO much easier to cut one up! Plus, you end up with an in tact shell to fill with drinks!

A classic rum punch. I like the fresh ingredients in it, like freshly squeezed lime juice. Sounds good to me!

A watermelon mojito. This one is probably the one I'm most hesitant about. While I'm sure it is delicious, the last time I tried to make a watermelon cocktail it was a horrible (disgusting) disaster. Mojitos are pretty darn amazing and I think the light touch of watermelon in it might actually be delicious. I'll report back on how it turns out!


Samantha Green said...

wow! these all sound amazing. i sooo wish i had a long weekend by the pool to look forward to -- i would definitely be making these! xx

Amy Powell said...

oh yummy drinks! can't wait to make something special for the long weekend :)