Monday, April 30, 2012

she's about to pop

Well, Jess might have about 8 weeks to go but I think she's pretty ready to pop! We had a fabulous day celebrating Jess and Branson with our amazing friends and family. He is definitely one lucky baby to have such wonderful (and super generous!) people in his life! He got a ton of goodies yesterday! A stroller/car seat, a changing table, and a bunch of nursery gear and clothes. Without further ado, some pictures!
My front door, the first thing people were greeted with!

View into the living room. (ignore the box of junk on the chair - we were last minute wrapping!)

"when will Jessi pop?" station - a place to submit your guesses

View from the front door . Love the dogs photo bombing every picture!

Dining room before all the food was put out!

Oh the balloon project - I'll have to do a post about that. It was hard and tedious, but GORGEOUS

The foam board with all the guesses

We had "pop"s EVERYwhere

A banner on the fireplace, where the gift table was

Popovers, Alton Brown's recipe, definitely a huge hit

Fruit pops popping out of a soccer ball

Favor bags with popcorn inside

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Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

Julie- this has to be the most perfect party EVER! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the balloon ceiling, you are so thoughtful and creative!