Tuesday, May 15, 2012

oh pregnancy

It's days like yesterday that make me super grateful that I'm not pregnant! I definitely was not envious of Jess yesterday as I watched her and talked her through over 10 hours of steady contractions 20 minutes apart. Apparently she has an irritable uterus, which basically means that she will be contracting like this until he comes out. He did a fFM test and that came up negative. I guess that means that she won't be going into labor for the next two weeks. Barring any other major changes (like her water spontaneously breaking!)
But this is what my day yesterday looked like:
This was the best part of the day! Who pregnant ladies shop at the
pool supply store.

Focused on the monitor and fetal heart rate!

You can't see her contractions here, but his heart rate was perfectly steady. The best part of the night was hearing his

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