Monday, May 21, 2012


A weekend in cupcakes!
Saturday I entered into another cupcake contest one town over from where I live. This time I entered two categories, best tasting and best hudson valley themed cupcake. At the festival they had the cupcakes on display and people were encouraged to put pennies in the mason jar that corresponded with the cupcake that they deemed to be the prettiest in each category. When I checked, my best tasting one was in the lead!
They haven't announced the winners yet, but we'll see!

Cupcakes before the frostings! Cinnamon cupcake, apple pie filling and then chocolate cupcake with ganache filling

All ready to go. Empire State of Mind cupcakes (empire apple filling)

Samoa cupcake

On display at the festival

Finishing it off with a picture of Cooper snuggling with
my stuffed monkey
Sunday we went to the dog park and then to my aunt's house to barbecue. It was really awesome spending a relaxing afternoon just hanging out and chatting with family. It was really a great day!
Happy Monday!

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