Thursday, May 10, 2012


While everyone else under the sun is busily reading 50 Shades of Grey, I'm working on a much more tame book. Don't get me wrong, I read 50 and enjoyed the first one for what it was, a silly erotic novel, but I'm kind of over it. I'm not so vanilla that I couldn't appreciate the tone of the book. What it was that I couldn't grasp onto was the characters themselves and their relationship. I'm not a huge fan of whiny wimpy girls who fall hopelessly in love with someone who is clearly not good for them (especially when the girl KNOWS that it isn't a good place for her - but is drawn in only by her desire for sex...ugh). Any who...That is not the point of this post.
I am currently in the middle of How to Love an American Man. I'm in love with the book already. The first two chapters had me in tears and loving every second of it. I started the book after a suggestion by my Aunt Cindy who read it after Jenna over at Eat Live Run read and recommended it.

So, if you're in the market for a more tame story, I'd totally suggest you pick it up!

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