Thursday, August 18, 2011

i'm a lucky ducky.

I know a two year old who loves that phrase, I think it is the cutest thing ever. But really, I am pretty darn lucky. I'm in a very lovey and mushy, all I wanna do is snuggle up on the couch with my boyfriend and watch movies all day long kind of mood. Since we can't really do that, I'm just sharing some of my favorite pictures and memories I've made with him over the last year.

At the mall before seeing Bridesmaids, after my cousin's

I'm seriously a lucky girl. Sometimes I get frustrated with him, sometimes I want him to stop talking and let me get stuff done, sometimes I want to hit fast forward so he moves a little bit faster...but I always love him. Even the things that drive me nuts about him make me love him. I was reminded this week by a few different blog posts that life is short. That I should take the time to stop and appreciate the amazing man that was brought into my life a year ago. I should stop wishing and hoping for the next step and just live every minute of what we have right now. I want to thank Katie from Keep Calm & Carry On and Sarah from Pink of Perfection for that reminder.
I love this man, and I am so lucky to know him and to be a part of our fan-freaking-tastic relationship. He is the calm to my crazy and yet he keeps me active and going on adventures. He's pretty cool!

At the Dennis Devlin 5k in Washingtonville, NY. We both ran, I
was just chilly so I wore the long sleeve t-shirt to stay cozy before the

Gotta love a guy who still loves waffle cones at 32!
At Mary Janes, our favorite ice cream place!

On his pool deck on our anniversary!

At my cousins' graduation party.

Being super silly at a corn festival at Weed's farms in Marlboro, NY.

I love this picture. Snacking on cider donughts at the same corn festival.

This is my favorite picture of him. He is laughing hysterically because I kept taking random pictures of him. I love
him so much.
I love you Michael. xoxo

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