Tuesday, August 23, 2011

gratuitous pictures of myself

I have a small obsession with self takes. I take them all the time. I always make sure to do it from the silly slightly above the head angle as to avoid showing off my double/triple chins too.
I don't know what else I'm going to do with all of these pictures, so I mine as well show off my ridiculousness to all ya'll.
In my aunt's backyard while playing with
my 3 year old cousin

Showing far too many teeth in my kitchen.

Bringing Mike to join in on the
fun with me!

With a mouth full of salsa...Pretty!

I hate this angle of my face. I don't like
how my nose looks.

Smiling, but blurry.

In the middle of an orchard after getting drenched by rain.

Sans glasses (rarely happens) but the flash making half my face
disappear (happens all the time)

Super schweaty after a long run.

While driving? I'm assuming I'm at a stop light here...

While babysitting my favorite 2 year old.

Randomly in my bathroom mirror.
Mike calls this my sexy face.

While drunk...Duck lips for the camera.

SexyFace comes out to play again. (we can play count the chins!)

Hanging with family

Snuggling my favorite man.

I make ridiculous faces for the camera - and what possessed me
to take pictures of myself with drowned rat wet hair??

In my car again...

While babysitting again....
I'm completely ridiculous. I think 19 may have been too many pictures for one blog post.

Do you do the silly self-take thing too?? Share some of your own silly pics!

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