Wednesday, August 31, 2011

some like it hot

When we went to the salsa festival, the plan was for it to be just me and my mom. Saturday night my aunt called us and asked if they could meet us there, so we made it a family affair! I'm definitely a "more the merrier" kind of person so I was thrilled. The weather was calling for pretty severe thunderstorms in the afternoon so we met up at 11 to try to beat the thunder. We weren't successful at all! We ended up running through the orchard seeking shelter in pouring rain with very loud thunder. It was a quick moving storm though, so once it passed we headed back out into the fields to get the rest of our bounty. After the storm was over, the skies cleared right up and it was sunny and H-O-T, a perfect August day.

My gorgeous mother - she brings coffee with her everywhere she goes!

My family seeking the perfect spicy peppers to use to make hot pepper oil! Delicious!

My cousin, he's such a ham.

Rows and rows and rows of tomato vines. I love Marlboro's rolling hills. Gorgeous scenery there!

My mom scouring for the perfect tomatoes - we found LOTS of them.

I wished these were ripe, they were just so plump and perfect looking!

More tomatoes.

Standing in a row of peach trees. I look a bit damp here because it was post downpour. 

It was raining again, but as long as there was still coffee she was happy!

I went to pick this peach only to find this bug. I left the peach for him to have.

Our bounty of peaches and tomatoes. We also got cucumbers, zucchini, bell
peppers, hot peppers, banana peppers and an eggplant.
Even with the rain, it was a great outing to the town I grew up in. I have so many great memories of running around these orchards and driving the winding roads of that small town. I really love it there.

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Keely said...

This looks like such an amazing place....and those tomatoes are beautiful. I'm a big spicy fan and since you mentioned salsa I have to find some for lunch now :0)