Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hurricane irene

We got through the storm safe and sound. We didn't lose power, no major flooding (just our leech field, but that always floods) and the same thing goes for most of my family.
For the past few days I have found it to be really frustrating that people are commenting that Irene was lame and over hyped. It was a strong hurricane inching up the coast and then thankfully when it got here it sped way up. The ground speed nearly doubled. We were very fortunate. The town I grew up in is completely under water this morning. I'm very fortunate that I live about 5 miles west of there now and therefore away from the river and a bit up into the Shawangunk Mountains.
I'm asking for your thoughts and prayers for those who are continuing to be affected by the flooding that came along with this storm.
Town of Highland. Water where the road should be.
A favorite bar. Town of Newburgh. (The toy truck floating does make this picture a little funny)

City of Beacon. MTA Beacon train station

More of the town of Highland.

Mall parking lot. Town of Newburgh.

None of these pictures are actually mine, they were posted on facebook by different friends throughout the storm.

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Caitlin C. said...

Oh my goodness, this is terrible!! I'm so glad you're okay because this is really scary. I can't imagine.