Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new gym clothes

First thing is first, there was an earthquake yesterday. An earthquake!! It was nothing really, mostly it felt like my dogs were wrestling under my chair. I would have completely ignored it had facebook not almost immediately blown up with reports of it. Obviously there was no damage (thank goodness!!) or even any real effect around here. We are a little more worried about Irene who is barreling up the coast headed right for us. My thoughts are focused more on those in North Carolina and Virginia who will get the brunt of the storm, but we are preparing for some pretty heavy duty winds up here too...

Ok, back to what I actually wanted to write about this morning....more clothes!!

Along the same lines as Monday's post, my gym clothes are getting a bit too big on me. This is great news but also a bit frustrating. As with real clothes, I don't want to spend much money on my transitional workout clothes because I really don't want to be this size for long. So I was pretty excited about the email I got from Old Navy last week about their new activewear line. There are some cute pieces, but I doubt they are high quality. They will work well for now I suppose. I have a bunch of races coming up this fall that I'm going to want some cute running gear for, and I think this might be the answer! All of these are from Old Navy.

Super cute pattern!!

Interesting shape, I'll be interested in seeing how it fits.

Perfect for the transition for fall, a long compression capri pant

For the rest of the summer, I love bermuda shorts!

ps. I'll be back in a bit with my very first oh how pinteresting wednesday!!! so stay tuned!

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