Wednesday, January 18, 2012

weddings are pinteresting

I love the pinterest link up that Michelle from The Vintage Apple hosts every week. This past week I must have  been feeling extra lovey because I pinned a lot of wedding/event things! Mike and I aren't engaged and we probably won't be for about a year, but that doesn't stop me from day dreaming about when that day finally gets here.


Source: via Shawnee on Pinterest

I love this teeny program. Kind of silly but adorable.

This could be the coolest save the date ever. I love it!

I love these, and they'd make for some pretty awesome pictures.

I love bar menus. 

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I love the lacy dress. I'm not sure it is the right style for me, but I love it on others.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I have a serious crush on burlap right now. 

Best day ever will definitely be the theme of our wedding. I love it. Super clever.

I love this. It is ridiculously gorgeous.

That's some pretty awesome lace.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

So pretty.

The flowers on this cake make me swoon. I love them. The roping is impeccable too.

I love this sentiment. 

I want to look this amazing on my wedding day. With such gorgeous flowers and whoa. I love it.


Jet said...

This is a beautiful post. Weddings make me so happy!

Chappell of Love said...

I love everything about this post. Its gorgeous.

Jamie said...

That last pic is gorgeous.

Ashlee said...

All of these are great pins but I sure love that invitation with the lace! Thanks for stopping by to see my pins today :) Ashlee

Laura [Beauty and the Beard] said...

Hahahhaha i laughed out loud with the "YOU IN OR WHAT?" invite. SO hilarious! Perfect for an informal wedding. Great roundup!

allie-mac-fallie said...

hey girl! thanks for stopping by my blog! i love all your wedding pins- makes me sorta wanna do it again with the same man ha! i esp love the "heck yes!" hehe
also, just wanted to give you a heads up-- I was going to reply to your comment via email but it wouldnt let me bc you dont have an email address associated with your blog :( sad day haha-- basically that means when someone wants to reply to your comments (via an email notification) they cant... haha anyways- its easy to change- just go to your profile and edit the settigns :) thanks again for stopping by! :)

Alejandra said...

This is by far the most awesome wedding pins I have seen since I started pinning! I love the glasses...well I love everything. Make me want the wedding my hubby and I never had. Thanks for stopping by!

Miranda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your wedding pins..especially the burlap table runner & the idea to give guests sunshades. You'd have a bunch of ballers on the dancefloor! haha