Thursday, January 19, 2012

dog sitting

This week while my brother-in-law has been out of town, my little sister has been staying at my house with her dog, Addie. She's really a wonderful dog, but my oh my is she energetic! She's a black lap, greyhound mix and she looks exactly like you'd expect that to. She's tall, skinny and always moving. 

Meet Addie

Poor Sheldon and Cooper don't know what is going on. She will just come up to them while they're sleeping, get into play stance and bark once or twice to get their attention. It's adorable! I think my dogs love having a friend to play with all day but I think they'd also like to get a little more rest.

Cooper in his very handsome coat! I trimmed his bangs myself!

This is what Coop wants to be doing. That's his "blankie", he carries
it with him everywhere.
Sheldon has taken to hiding in places Addie won't go. She's afraid of laundry baskets, so that's where he will sleep.
By the way, he put that blanket in there himself, resourceful little pup!

What my house looks like every 5 minutes. They make SUCH a mess!

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