Monday, January 2, 2012

change in plans

My new years eve was very different from what I posted about on Friday. I still went out to my sister's house for my niece's birthday party but I ended up coming home early and going out for dinner and dancing with Mike. Friday night at like 6pm I got a phone call from the local radio station saying I won dinner for two with a four hour open bar for NYE. I was beyond excited! I had never been out to ring in the new year. I normally either hang at a family party or with friends at home. I was so stoked to get dolled up and spend the night out with Mike.
I went out to my sister's house and we had a blast celebrating Jaclyn turn 11. She is so big. She'll be taller than me by the time she's 12, I'm certain of it. In fact she'll probably pass by me by spring. It's nuts! She definitely got the crazy tall gene from her dad's side of the family! I left out there around 5, stopped to pick up an iced tea from Dunkin Donuts and came home to get primped.

At my house, ready to head out.

I got new nail polish for the polishing job is awful
but I love the color. Ulta's "Tink-her-bell"

I showered, did hair and make up, threw on a dress and some shiny accessories and I was ready to go. Mike looked amazing in some new pants. He is so amazing, I was so thrilled to ring in the new year with him. Winning was so random and exciting. I forgot that I had even entered the contest. I did it on facebook on Wednesday and just assumed since I hadn't heard anything that I didn't win. When she called it took a minute to sink in! The place was amazing. It's a locally owned restaurant that has 3 locations near me. I had been to one of the other locations, but not the one that was hosting the party. After some googling, I found the menu and some details. Apparently that if I was paying for it, it would have been $89 per person plus tax and 18% gratuity. So it was worth just about $200...awesome.

Red wine, rib eye, and shrimp make for a very happy boyfriend.

I had potato pancakes with smoked salmon as my appetizer and Mike ate the grilled scallops. Both were delicious, well I'm taking his word on the scallops as I'm allergic to shellfish. The potato pancake was definitely my favorite thing I ate all night. It was seriously delicious. Then we had the salad course, I went with the house salad and Mike chose Caesar. Again, delicious, but it was a wasn't going to knock my socks off. For dinner I had chicken, the only choice I'd eat, and Mike went surf and turf which was grilled rib eye steak and shrimp. The chicken was honestly just eh. Kind of typical catering hall kind of food. We chose to skip dessert because it took over 2 hours to have the first 3 courses and we really wanted to dance our booties off and enjoy the DJ before the ball dropped. Our wonderful waitress wrapped our desserts up, but they got left out over night when we got home.

We got our swag...ya know,

Mike and I both drank a little more than we should have and we ended up sharing a cab home with another couple that had also won the night out from the radio station. The waitress definitely kept our Prosecco flowing all night long. It was really awesome. We had SO much fun. I was so glad we got the opportunity to go out together. Definitely a wonderful way to ring in the new year!!

So excited and loving life.

We had so much fun.

Drunk face with noise makers....

Probably should have stepped away from the bar...

Sad face about an empty cup...And pimpin' in Mike's hat
Mike got his tush kicked by the wine/Prosecco and was majorly hung over all day yesterday. I'm one of those evil people who doesn't get hung over. I've never had a hang over, but I can't imagine going through what Mike did yesterday. Yuck!


Amanda @ There Are Two Sides said...

Hold on, hold on, HOLD ON!

You have NEVER had a hangover? Never?
OMG, they need to dissect you and study you for the future generations!

And happy new year!

Jamie said...

LOVE prosecco! good taste lady! :)