Tuesday, January 10, 2012

run baby run

So far this winter we have been subjected to crazy unseasonably warm weather. Don't get me wrong, I am so not complaining! I have a half marathon in just under 7 weeks and if the weather was like last year, we would be having snow every Tuesday that cripples us until Thursday and there would be slush EVERYWHERE. Last week, I did my first run ever in below freezing weather. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I did 7 miles in 22 degrees (12 degree wind chill). It was also my longest run to date. After the run I had a tiny bit of soreness but really I felt great. I could have kept going, but I try to remember that you should always finish with a little bit of gas in the tank.

Ready to run in the cold...SO not sexy!

This week for my long run, I tackled 8 miles. But this time it was 57 degrees outside. On January 7! I was running and a biker was riding in the other direction, we paused for a moment to relish in the gorgeous weather! We were both out there in SHORTS! I am so thankful for the warmth. While running in 22 degrees wasn't terrible, I am thankful I haven't had to figure out how to run in slush yet. I know it is only January 10 and since I'm posting this, we will certainly wake up to 3 feet of snow sometime in the next couple weeks, but I'm ok with it. I've gotten this far with gorgeous weather, and I'm loving it.

Look at that! High 30's!
After both runs the minute I finished my cool down and sat, my feet cramped so badly! For about a solid minute I thought my feet were going to fall off my body. It was so painful. After the 7 mile run, I thought maybe I hadn't gotten enough electrolytes during my run. I read that in the cold your body loses electrolytes faster and I only drank water during that run, so for the 8 miles, I drank NUUN throughout the run and ate 2 servings worth of chomps. I was really disappointed when I cramped up again after the 8 miles. Any ideas?? Tips?


Leah @ l said...

Great job!! My 1/2 is in May and I'm freaked out!! Hope I can make it to the end!

Jamie said...

did you stretch? make sure you get enough food prior to long runs... that really helps me! :)