Sunday, January 29, 2012

it's almost here!

The final countdown is here! I'm sitting here waiting for Mike to get here so we can go for our 12 mile run together. Four weeks from now I will be done with my first half marathon! I feel ready. I know I can tackle this goal and I'm ready to enjoy the time leading up to and following the race.

Mike and I are planning on 12 miles today, 6 next weekend, then our final long run will be 13 miles. Then we're planning a short and easy shake out run for the Sunday before we head to Florida. These are all in addition to the normal mid week runs that we've been doing since the summer. We leave on Wednesday the 23 and I get giddy just thinking about it!!
I've been overwhelmed with planning thoughts. What do I pack? The weather is a lot warmer than I anticipated, can I still wear the outfit I planned? Am I going to die in the humidity? Will the warmer weather really bring down my speed enough to worry about? Do I bring gels as a carry on? Can you bring empty water bottles in your carry on? How many different outfit choices should I pack? Is planning a beach day for Saturday really a good idea? What do you wear to the expo? I'm just freaking out a tiny bit.
Then I remember to take deep breaths and realize how much fun it is going to be!
I seriously can't wait!

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Jamie said...

what are you planning on wearing? i'd wear compression sleeves taht you can push down if you get too hot. do you have a fuel belt? you can take safety pins and pin the gels to the outside of the when you're ready to eat them just yank them down. these are things i figured out AFTER my race... LOL. hope it helps you!

otherwise, wear a jacket taht you can just unzip and wear around your waist. :) also, think that you'll be done before the sun comes out anyways... and you can always wear a long sleeve "throw away" shirt. that's what I do. I know the MCM volunteers took all of the "throw away" stuff and donated it to the homeless in DC.

:) good luck! you're going to do great!