Tuesday, January 24, 2012

on the horizon

My Disney race is less than 5 weeks away! While that means I'm getting nervous about the race, it also means that I'm getting super excited about going to Florida for a week! I'm really looking forward to a week in warm weather. It will be the first time Mike and I have gone away together. It'll also be the first time that I get to see my mom's new condo. She bought it almost two years ago now and I haven't gotten down there yet.
Now that winter has sort of arrived here in New York, and all of the spring/summer clothes have debuted in stores, I'm excited that I get to do a bit of shopping for my trip!
I've been doing a bit on online drooling during the day and these are a few things I've found.
This dress is from Express and I've been drooling over it for about a month now. I'm hoping for a
good sale!

This "coat" is fantastic. 3/4 sleeves in such a bright sunny color. So perfect
for springtime!

I actually already got this skirt. I love how it fits, although it is a tiny
bit longer than I'd prefer.

I need this dress. Talk about easy breezy! I love it.

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Jamie said...

I love that express dress!! You getting excited for the race....? :) you'll be great!