Tuesday, April 17, 2012

no falls after all...

Kristyn and I took off to Minnewaska State Park today hoping to do about a 5-6 mile hike. We were hoping to head to see Rainbow Falls and hang out there for a bit before heading back to the cars. Well, long story short - we suck at trail map reading. It's hard and we failed miserably. We took a wrong turn that made our 5 mile hike into a much more difficult 8 mile hike. Although, I have to say that the hardest parts were kind of the coolest parts too. Unfortunately about 2/3 of the way through, while climbing up some rock formations, I didn't lift my leg high enough and I took a pretty decent tumble. We made it to a lake (that was no where near where we intended to go) and took a rest there. I cleaned up my battered leg and soaked my feet in the ice water before we were on our way.
Even with a pretty nasty injury, I had a terrific time and I'm totally looking forward to another ridiculous hike with Kristyn next weekend.

 Kris at the first lookout point.

 Second lookout point

 Awesome rocks above us as we hiked down. This was after our wrong turn...

 Kris in the crazy weird thing she made me climb through...Awesome, but a tiny bit creepy.

 The super gorgeous Lake Awosting.

 Awesome rock "beach". They allow swimming here in the summer!!

 Life is pretty darn good sometimes.

My wound...I'm ok, but it definitely hurts and the black and blue is not going to look pretty with skirts for the rest of the week!