Friday, April 6, 2012

here's to the freakin' weekend...

I will probably drink to that this weekend! It's birthday and Easter weekend! Such fun! I'm spending today out at the bakery and who knows what time I'll be back, but I'm hoping to get out with Mike. We're probably going to go see American Reunion when I get home.  I'm pretty darn excited about this movie. I loved the first 3 so I have really high hopes for number 4!

So this week our theme for Friday Fancies was flower power. I put together two looks this week in honor of my birthday celebrations and Easter.

Birthday look:
birthday dinner

Basic yellow tee shirt. There isn't anything more comfy than a basic cotton tee and yellow is just so fun and perky that it is a great color of celebrating!

Love this floral skirt. I have a thing for black skirts in general and this one is just gorgeous. It would also be super easy to dress up or down. I went with a casual look here but I think it could be gorgeous with some sparkle.

Love these Toms. I'm a big fan of wedges right now and they're the perfect balance between pretty and casual.

Um, it's a green wristlet, honestly does it get any better?

I'm loving these. I can't really wear sunglasses because I wear my perscription glasses every minute of the day, but if I could I would really want these.

Then the Easter look:
flower power

This dress is just perfect. I love the colors, the flowers and the length. I'm a huge fan of maxi dresses even if they don't look all that great on me. Perfect for a casual Easter celebration.

Gorgeous color orange. Since it is really only going to be 60 degrees this weekend, the sweater is a definite must have!

Gorgeous pumps and they'll be the perfect height to make that dress the right length. Plus, keeping the shoe neutral will let the gorgeous flowers on the dress shine.

Gorgeous bag. Perfect for spring time when you're mixing all sorts of colors. 

I like these little flower earrings. I think they compliment the dress nicely without distracting from it.

Neutral eye shadow color palette with a bit of shimmer. This is perfect for a holiday celebration.

I'll be celebrating this weekend, will you?


ashlyn williams said...

Adore RNA black skirt! & would totally wear that maxi dress!

Happy Easter Weekend!!

Sarah said...

OK this sounds silly but I didn't even KNOW they made floral lace skirts like that! This one is too cute - love how you paired it with all of those neutrals. I need to get me one now :)