Friday, April 13, 2012

spring is in the air....

I love that it is springtime. it is going to get into the mid 70's again this weekend! I think it's going to be rainy, but still - super warm! We don't have big plans, but I think tomorrow we will have to take the dogs to the dog park in the morning. They love to run around in the sunshine and play with the other puppies. I'm babysitting a very tiny baby boy tomorrow night too and I couldn't be more excited. He's just about 10 weeks old and still such a peanut. I love to snuggle peanuts.

I'm switching up my methods for this week's Friday Fancies. Instead of complete outfits, I picked out a couple fabulous pieces to share with you! The theme was pastels and it was oh so easy to find a million things I loved. Really the reason I'm sharing so much with you today is that I couldn't pick just one skirt. I fell in love with three of them and couldn't choose. So here are my pretty pastel picks!

pastel tops

pastel skirts

pastel accessories

pastel accessories by rundreamcook featuring gradient sunglasses

There is just so much to love here!! I love it all.

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jen said...

love the skirt with yellow flowers and the rose earrings!