Monday, April 2, 2012

birthday week

This weekend was completely crazy. The past 3 days have been jam packed with cleaning, painting, some more cleaning, a bit more painting, some intense construction work and then a bit more painting and honestly, I'm pooped!
As a birthday gift to my sister, I took it upon myself to clean and decorate the nursery in her house. After I finished all I could do in there before the paint dried completely I went and helped mom cover up the terrible pink color in her room with a super soothing blue/grey.

But in much more exciting news, it's birthday week! Well, kind of. My birthday is a week from today, but both of my sisters' birthday is Saturday. So really we celebrate all week long. You need more than just a couple days to celebrate 3 sisters' birthdays!
I'll be back with pictures of the nursery tomorrow!

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