Thursday, November 17, 2011

random urge to craft

Pinterest is awesome for inspiration. I can't even come close to doing most of the amazing projects that I've seen on there, but there was one that seemed doable. I'm sure you've seen the yarn/felt wreaths making the rounds. There are a bunch of different colors and themes out there. Saturday while wandering around a new Hobby Lobby near by I was bitten by the crafting bug.

I just had a STRONG desire to make the wreath. The best part was because it was a grand opening, they had some amazing deals, it was just meant to be! I got the wreath form for 1/2 price ($2.50), waaaay too much yarn for $2.99 and all the felt I needed plus some extra just in case I messed some up for $1. Total project price $6.50!!

I am in LOVE with my front porch now! I also picked up some fall floral stems for some sconces in my foyer. I still need to get some sort of filler to hide the stems for those, but I love the look! I'm so happy with  my purchases and the finished look.