Wednesday, November 2, 2011

promise not to tell??

I think you all should be the first to know that I am in full out Christmas mode! I don't know whether it is the snow, Halloween being over, or the insane amount of Christmas commercials that have overtaken my television, but I am definitely there.
Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving. In fact, I would even venture to say as far as the actual holiday is concerned, I like Thanksgiving way more than Christmas. The time of year from yesterday until like January 6 is definitely my favorite. As a foodie, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is more than that though. Thanksgiving weekend in my family is kind of a big deal. It is seriously a weekend long event. It starts on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving when all of the women assemble at my house (I'm so glad that the location was passed on to my house after my Grandmother passed away) to do some serious prep work. We bake more pies than any family really needs, we cut up veggies for stuffing and we brine the heck out of a turkey. Then obviously we all get together on Thursday for some intense eating and family time. I love family time. This year we'll be adding to it a little bit by having family running time! A bunch of us are signed up for a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning!! I'm so excited about that. It benefits a local food pantry and it is a great way to get up and get moving on a holiday that is typically devoted to consuming as many calories as humanly possible. I know the measly 3 miles I will run will not counter act the meal, more like just a single serving of pie, but it is better than nothing. And it will be even better since I'm pretty sure my whole family will be there running it. Friday the women gather for a shopping extravaganza, in matching sweatshirts nonetheless! Since this has evolved into a VERY early event, we're normally done shopping our butts off by around noon and we head home to have some turkey sandwiches, and sometimes wrestle over the elusive last piece of chocolate pie. Saturday is usually reserved for my mom's side of the family. We get together and enjoy open faced turkey sandwiches and swoon over my cousin's adorable daughter. Sunday is the real apex to the celebration when the whole Merryman clan heads to a tree farm for our Christmas tree hunting experience. We wear matching clothes, we look at EVERY. SINGLE. TREE. Then of course we tailgate and enjoy hot chocolate and chili and Christmas cookies before heading home to sleep off some of the excitement from our "relaxing holiday weekend."
I am so ready. Bring it on! I'm ordering our sweatshirts today. There will be 25 of us in matching cardinal red hoodies that say "Spread the Merry" on the back taking over New York and Colorado between now and January. Keep your eyes open for us, we're a super fun and cheerful group!!
All of this leads me to what I find pinteresting today, and I'm going with Christmas. It is on my brain and I can't get it out! I have been hoarding Thanksgiving pins that I can share in the upcoming weeks too, so have no fear, there will be oodles of holiday inspiration around these parts!!

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest
Love this! I want to give it as favors at a Christmas party! Some silly gift tag alluding to how this is a taste of what you have coming, Santa's watching!

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest
Love the word twinkle, and the bokeh! 

Source: via Staci on Pinterest
Love this tree skirt, so simple. I love all things felt really, but I love the colors here. I'm a huge fan of green, so I love the double green scalloping!

Source: Uploaded by user via Krystina on Pinterest
Love the silly pizza shapes. Definitely not necessary, or even really practical, but totally fun!

I make peanut butter kisses every year. I like the bright colorful take on it! Plus, they use hugs! it would be great to give some peanut butter kisses and some peppermint hugs together in a cookie tin!

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest
I am completely in love with the "holiday sweater" type prints this season. These would look beyond awful on me, but I love them SO much. I'll have to find someone with skinny pretty legs to wear these this season!

Love this idea as food markers, not just for coffee, but use smaller ornaments for different foods on the table, or even as place settings. I like anything that glitters, that might be why I love these so much.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Such a cute craft with little kids. Let them paint snowman faces and glue on pom pom ear warmers...So adorable.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I like the colors and the backgrounds. Plus it is such a classic Christmas phrase, what isn't to love about it?!

These are definitely among the most gorgeous stockings I have ever seen. I love the modern print and the splashes of non traditional Christmas colors in the top one The addition of pink and baby blue make for a much more updated look. Love it!

Also on the list of silly but totally adorable Christmas things!!! Cheese tree, are you serious? I love it. 

I'm one of the few people who would be excited to get an oven mitt and a whisk for Christmas...But in all serious, I own those little le cruset baster brushes, and I am in love with them...That makes me think we might need a Christmas gift idea list here on the blog....

Well I hope I'm keeping ya'll in the Holiday spirit. I'm not skipping over Thanksgiving, I swear...It all goes together!!! 


Kristina said...

Hehe, I pinned Christmas DIY stuff! I love those tights and I'm sure you would look great in them!

Krystina said...

LOVE everything about this! I've had to force myself to not Christmas it up for at least a couple more weeks... It's gonna be tough! I love that you guys are doing a turkey trot!! I meant to find one around here to do and I totally spaced on that :/ Maybe it's not too late... Happy start of the BEST time of year!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm so excited for Christmas!!

Trish said...

love your Christmas pins. so many good ideas here!

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