Wednesday, November 30, 2011

holiday decor

Last night I started pulling out the seemingly endless amount of Christmas decorations we have. I think there are like 6 or 7 totes full of stuff, not including our artificial tree. As I started going through them and putting things out, I realized that I have a ton of mismatched decor!
I did what any blogger would do and I hopped onto Pinterest to find new ways of displaying the same old things.


Epson salt as snow! I love it. I have two sconces in my entry way that I was needing snow for...What a great idea!

LOVE the red wreaths. They are so lush. Plus those green balls on the mantel, gorgeous.

So simple, but I love balls in jars. 

I REALLY love textured green and silver balls in jars. 

I'm a huge fan of mod colors for Christmas. 

What a simple addition. I have a couple jars with greens in them. I'll be putting "believe" on them this afternoon!

Source: via Tonya on Pinterest

I adore this alternative method of decorating a staircase. Lets hope I have enough greens to do it!

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