Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pining for pie

Leading up to Thanksgiving I can't help but think about pie. We never stray from our basic pies on Thanksgiving. Nothing new, no changes and you definitely have to make all of them! We make 2 apple, a cherry, 2 chocolate, 2 pecan and 2 pumpkin pies. That is A LOT of pie. I mean I have a huge family and we usually manage to eat it all over the course of the weekend, but it is a lot of pie! I love pumpkin pie. My sister has always joked that I think it is it's own food group. I love to eat it breakfast on Friday and Saturday morning. At least it is full of fiber so I can pretend the calories are healthy ones.
So for this week's Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday I'm going with pie. Thanksgiving at it's best!

Chocolate pecan pie. Sounds perfectly delicious. At Christmas I make chocolate/pecan/caramel/whiskey bark and this reminds me of that a bit. 

Pear and cranberry pie. I think I'll have to make this, maybe for our cookies and cocoa party in December. There is something about this that is making me salivate. 

Frozen chocolate and peanut butter pie. The oreo crust is really what makes this I think. Plus the drizzle on top. Yum!

Source: via Alaina on Pinterest

Pumpkin pie. I love you....

I need this!!! So practical! This way I could cut it down to 1 1/2 of some of those pies. Not pumpkin though, I like my leftovers.

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

I need this pie. Really too cute for words.

Since I eat pie I do not look like this. But I sure would like to. 


Holly said...

Yum! That peanut butter pie looks amazing. I have such a sweet tooth hence the reason I do not look like that girl either haha. Happy Wednesday :)

Krystina said...

I'll take one of each, thank you! Uff!!! I LOVE that on Thanksgiving no one judges anyone for trying some of every dessert set out... that's how life should be! lol

Amy Rene said...

If only I looked like that with pie!! too bad :(

love all these Thanksgiving ideas :)