Monday, November 14, 2011

race recap monday

This weekend was really busy, but also a really good time. We were out and about all weekend long and when we were home, we had my sister's black lab at the house along with our pups so there was never a dull moment!
Mike, Mom and I ran another 5k yesterday. It was Mom's first one, so it was kind of a big deal. Since she plans on running Disney with me in February I keep telling her she has to get on it!!! Boy did she! There were two options at the race. You could run the 7.5 mile scenic challenge or you could run the 5k. They claimed the 5k was relatively flat, but it was definitely not flat. There were two pretty decent climbs, about 1/2 a mile each. I was so glad that I decided to run with mom and not the challenge if this is what they called "flat"! I didn't get a pr yesterday, but my pr was from a VERY flat and straight course, so I wasn't too disappointed. Mom did great though. She was right behind me for most of the race. She finished really strong! I was impressed!
Mike and I before the race. It was freezing outside. Sign next to us said 34 degrees. Yikes!

Mom getting pumped! In real life, that hoodie she has on is
NEON yellow!

My handsome Michael ready to run!

yikes. Super sweaty julie. How does one dress for these races...I need a better plan than I had yesterday!! 
My pouch is FULL. Gloves, phone, headphones...Not a good look. lol

After the race we stopped to get mom coffee then headed to the diner for some food!

I changed into that tshirt in the parking lot at the race. Sports bras
are enough coverage for getting naked in public, right??

Always that same goofy smile. Unless I do a funny dance and get a
real one with teeth! lol.
It was such a great day. I had so much fun running with mom and it just got me so much more excited for Disney!!!!


Lip Gloss and Flip Flops said...

Congrats on your run!!! Are you running the Disney Half Marathon? Very exciting! xox

Jamie said...

awesome! congrats lady. great job.

Danielle@RunSanity said...

looks like fun! congrats to your mom on her first 5K, February is just around the corner!