Thursday, November 10, 2011

new kicks

New shiny shoes getting ready for their inaugural run.

So I've posted a bunch lately about my running shoe dilemma. The ones I love have been discontinued and I can't seem to find them anywhere. I bought a pair of Asics 2160s and I've worn them to the gym a couple times and they seem ok, except it takes a lot of effort to tie them juuuust right. I'm not sure why but they feel too loose and then I tighten them and then they hurt my feet because they're so tight. Frustrating. Yesterday I took them on my their first outdoor test run. I did about 4.5 miles and aside from when I stopped to tie them tighter at the half way point and then had to stop to loosen them a quarter mile later, I think they worked pretty well. I'm so excited to get back to outdoor training. For my race this weekend, I'm sure I'll spend a very long time trying to tie my shoes correctly...But aside from that let the training resume!!!

Probably the worst picture of myself that I've shared but I was so
excited about finishing my run!


Danielle@RunSanity said...

I feel like my asics had a lot of padding in the tongue. It took a couple runs to just be able to tie and go. They also made my feet fall asleep on the first few. Just a breaking in thing I guess. I wish they would stay at the broken in point but not the worn out point :(

Jamie said...

just be careful that they don't stay too tight! blisters are painful!!!