Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday

Hip-hip-hooray for black Friday! As you're reading this, I'm probably sleeping because I've been out shopping since 9pm last night. I love black Friday. I'm the person in line wearing a Santa hat, with personal speakers, hot cocoa, Christmas cookies and glittery hair. I am definitely that girl.
Growing up my parents used to sneak out of the house on black Friday to do some early Christmas shopping, just the two of them. They enjoyed the "alone time" (with all the other crazy shoppers) without us kids. We have a really big family so the crowds don't phase us, and really after I get my shopping done I could sit around and people watch all day long. I love the feeling in the air of anticipation. It is a happy time of year and nothing beats it.
I won't be wearing these brands, but this is the exact outfit I'll be wearing. I'll have jeans, red flats, my I believe in Santa shirt (yes I own this), a Santa hat, silver dangling earrings and a small wristlet purse. Here is my polyvore version of my outfit:
black friday

Plus! Black Friday definitely would not be complete without the 2011 sweatshirt! Making it's blog debut today - I'm sure you'll see me donning this sweatshirt a million times between now and Christmas. Anytime there is anything festive going on with our family all 30 of us show up matching. This year we ordered 32 of these beauties. So if you're in the NY area keep an eye out for the mass of bright red ladies this holiday season!!
My beautiful mom being my model. Try to ignore the shopping mess in the
background, we got home from mega Thanksgiving grocery shopping to find
that the hoodies had been delivered!
I'll be wearing this red hoodie on top of my I believe shirt all day long, no matter how sweaty hot I get! It's just a rule. Although I may trade out my Santa hat out for my Santa Mickey ears, just because those are simply a headband.


siddathornton said...

i love those jeans!

April said...

My mom and I were joking that we were just going to go sit at Walmart and people watch. haha :)