Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Good morning! I'm feeling fantastic this morning, relishing in the very cool weather this morning. The forecast is for rain all day so I'll be doing my speed work inside today. I'm not completely thrilled about it,  but I am trying to be more excited and hardcore with my speed work...So I'm trying to remind myself how badly I want to speed my tush up!
What are you all finding pinteresting this week? I've found myself pinning a bunch of fall fashion items. Between scarves and full outfits I have found lots of pieces to be in love with!


Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I love this outfit. The soft dress is totally gorgeous, the matching watch is divine and then that coat with the grey and the mustard with those booties...I swoon.

This plum coat is beautiful. I love the double breasted style with the trench length.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

The teal with the green scarf is just too pretty. Paired with the camel colored boots and back as neutrals, it just makes for a gorgeous outfit overall.

Kourtney is stunning in general, but I think this outfit really makes her shine. Everything about it is really gorgeous. Those boots are pretty much the greatest I've seen this season.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Soft, casual and cozy. Everything about this outfit screams me!

This scarf is fabulous. I love the feminine lace against the casual jersey material, and it the color combination really only makes it better.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I love green, and this shade is really beautiful

Do you need these necklaces as badly as I do??


I hope you enjoyed my pins today, I can't wait to come visit and see what you're finding pinteresting!!


Kristina said...

I love Kourtney's outfit too. The cozy white t shirt outfit is great. There is something about a new, crisp white tshirt.

Iz Originals said...

Great pics! Love them. The books Kourty are wearing look very very similar to a pair at Aldo's..... I found you via The Vintage apple. Hope you'd stop by my place :)

birdie to be said...

I love that first board you pinned! That dress is gorg! And I love the lace scarf!

Sarah said...

That plum coat is adorable. Now I want a colored coat! Haha. Cute pins!

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

Ah, I love that lace scarf. I want to make one for myself whenever I find the time.

Anonymous said...

I love that plum jacket!I love the style of it and the color. Also Kourtney really is stunning and her outfit looks simple and effortless while still looking beautiful! Great post!

lauren van schijndel said...

so excited to see you on the list for bloggers for health! cant wait to read more of your posts! (prompt for this week is already up on my page)

much love,
lauren xoxo

Jettica said...

Beautiful. I really love the plum coat and the final jacket you posted. And yes, I need those necklaces too!