Monday, October 17, 2011

monday came too soon

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely not ready for Monday to be here already. This weekend was wonderful but far too fast.
Friday ended up being pretty amazing. Mom, Jess and I went to Danbury and did some shopping. Jess had to go to the apple store and luckily it was a crazy fast process. Super nice and easy! Then we went to old navy because they have been flooding my inbox with news of some amazing sale they are having right now. Apparently 50% off online and up to 75% off in stores. I had some insane luck! I got myself 3 shirts for less than $15!! That's the kind of money I'm alright with spending on my ever changing body. Then we met up with my friend Kristyn and went to dinner. Mom and Jess had been craving deep dish pizza (something I can totally live without) so we ended up going to Uno's. I wasn't so thrilled with the choice of restaurant, but it was fine. I ended up having a grilled chicken wrap with craisins in it, so that was pretty yummy. Then we helped Kristyn find accessories to go with a dress she borrowed from my mom to wear to the wedding. We had a blast and I was super thankful for the girl's night at the mall.
Kristyn brought me my first official Sugar Hoot t-shirt. I was so excited about it!! I'm completely in love with it. She picked pink for me, and I love the new design of the shirts. So now I can finally look official while working there!

Saturday was pretty boring and mom and I just hung out. I felt like complete poop! Super congested and I had terrible post nasal drip which caused awful sore throat. Yuck! I tried to get as much rest as possible, but I did run a few errands. While out and about I stopped at Marshalls and I fell completely in love with this running outfit. I need it!!

I mean really, it is a "holiday sweater" cold gear (not under armour) shirt!!! But those pants are under armour cold gear, and I love them!

Sunday I went out to cheer Jenni on for her first 5k. She did fantastic, especially for a first timer! She ended up having to walk the last tiny bit because her knee gave out, but I was so excited for her as she finished!

I feel like this weekend recap just got far too long...Oops! How did you spend your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting??

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