Monday, October 31, 2011 snowed...

Before I get to my weekend plans, I have to scream from the rooftop here that I won the free custom shirt from Beth's giveaway over at Shut Up and Run!!!! I get the choice of a SUAR shirt, any shirt from the Family Fan Club website, or a custom shirt with any text or image I want. There are too many choices!! I can't decide. I'll have to make that decision today though...oye!
So it snowed...In fact we had record breaking snowfall! We had tons of warning, so we were able to be completely prepared. My sister and her husband came over to hang out during the storm. We played lots of games, baked some cookies and watched inch after inch of snowfall. 
We really watched in almost disbelief. The last time we had big snowfall in October was back in 1987! Actually it was 10/4/87 and I know this because it was my Aunt Betty and Uncle Mike's wedding day. It was just as bad as this storm, dumping about 10" of snow. This weekend's storm dumped 14" on my house. We had a blast watching the snow pile up.

Snow falling. This was like 45 minutes into it starting. It stuck immediately
which they did not forecast. We were supposed to start as rain

Like I said, about 45 minutes in. This snow was dense and HEAVY.

It was snowing like craaaaaazy.

My driveway at sunrise. I love my plow guys.

Measuring in the middle of my front yard. 14 inches!!!

My driveway is a beast. 300 feet up....LOVE the plow guys!!


Kristina said...

My weekend looked very similiar! It was sad! All our beautiful trees were destroyed. We had about 19 inches. What a mess. It doesn't really feel like Halloween today either :(

Tyler said...

NOT ready for it. NOOOOOOO!

Ivana said...

Congrats on you winning the giveaway :) I can´t believe there´s so much snow already, I think the nature is going quite wild!

Have a nice day!

xx Ivana
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