Wednesday, October 19, 2011

holidays are coming!

I love that the holiday season is approaching. I love this time of year, from today until new years there is just so much fun to be had. I love celebrating and there is just so much to celebrate!


Here are some of my favorite holiday pins that I've found over the last couple weeks. I'm loving all of this "pinspiration"!!

I love this! The Santa hats really make this awesome. Looks delicious too!

LOVE these. I really need to carry these with me Black Friday shopping! Sometimes people need to take a deep breath!

So pretty. I would love this printed as an ornament on the tree.

Love the brooch on the stocking. This is definitely a place where adding a bit of sparkle is always a good thing!

Love this. Initials as gift tags. Unfortunately my sisters are also J names and my little sister has the same initials as me, JMM, so I suppose this won't work in my family.

Another way to add sparkle to stockings!

This is too cute. I have seen these done before, but I think the sparkle really makes them awesome.

So pretty. Fluffy and festive.

I really like this pillow. I am SO not that talented.

Another fun way to decorate presents!

I think I need to make these. They are so pretty!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

brr. it is chilly outside!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Mmmm. Home made caramel. I think I'll make some of this for my Aunts this holiday season!


Miss Honey & Nutmeg said...

I am loving the burlap stockings and wreath!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Great finds! can you believe christmas is really just around the corner?? Time is flying!

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

All of these are great! Although I detest chalk, I love that framed chalkboard!

Ivana said...

Oh my, I can´t believe the time flies so fast, and the holiday season is already approaching! Thanks for this great (p)inspiration :)

xx Ivana
Style in the City

jessica said...

wow you have got me some freaking excited and pumped for christmas!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i will be making that santa chex mix too cute! i am definitely in the holiday mood thanks julie

sherri lynn said...

Love that fluffy burlap wreath! And the Santa party mix is so festive and yummy looking. Your pins have me ready for Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh getting me so excited!! Love these pins!