Monday, October 10, 2011

long weekends

Good morning friends! I hope you're enjoying your long weekend if you're lucky enough to have one! I have certainly enjoyed it thus far and I'm planning on some more fun stuff today! Friday night I did a whole lot of nothing, it was kind of wonderful. It was just me, the puppies and a Say Yes to the Dress marathon. Seriously, how could that be bad?
I woke up Saturday morning super well rested and pushed out 6.5 very chilly miles. This was my first early(ish) run in the fall, and since the sun wasn't all the way up yet it was COLD out! Like 45 degrees cold. Yikes. It was a new experience and I now understand the need for arm warmers. After my run, I went to the gym to do a little bit of weight training and to shower. I felt the need to do the weights because I didn't want to be the super weird girl who went into the gym and showered without using any equipment. Then I went and met up with my sister and niece to hang out for a while. We ran some errands then ended up in babies r us to buy a baby shower gift for a shower she was going to later that day. I have some serious baby fever going on, so babies r us is a very dangerous store. I wanted all of the teenie tiny clothes, the beautiful grey and green jogging stroller, the adorable monkey bedding, a few cute pacifiers, do you get the picture? But really, I wanted this:

a little hat with an airplane that says is pulling the word boy. I'm seriously in love with it. Mike is very into banner towing and he flies those kinds of planes. Really I just think my future son will need this hat. Jenn told me I couldn't buy it. BUT it was on clearance. I told her to buy it for me and save it for later....she said no. Darn logical older siblings. It was fantastic hanging with them all day though. I wish I remember to take pictures of them. Jenn looks amazing, she's lost a ton of weight and Jaclyn, my niece is 10 but seriously could pass for 16 - her poor dad!! She is gorgeous.
Yesterday was the brunch that I planned with my Aunt Cindy. I'll have more on that later in the week because I made some delicious recipes that I need to share with ya'll!
Stay tuned for Friday's post...I just may be doing my first giveaway!!

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Kelly said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I tagged you in my Five Fall Goals post. Check it out and pass it on!