Saturday, June 4, 2011

grilled pizza

One of my favorite times with Mike is our at home date nights. We make dinner together, spend some time hanging out just the two of us. For tonight's dinner choice we went with grilled pizzas. I grilled some red onion slices and some red bell pepper as the toppings while Mike ran to the local pizzeria to buy a pound of dough. I shredded some mozzarella cheese and got everything ready. By the time he got back the vegetables were ready and the grill was hot and set to go.
Pizzas on the grill

Love that freshly grated cheese

Nicely grilled (then chopped vegetables)

Nice grill marks, they were so incredibly delicious.

Plain pizza, and let me tell you, that dough was delicious!

Mike enjoying some of the pizza.

What could be better than pizza and beer?

Sheldon agrees! He wanted some too, but we weren't sharing...too delicious!

Happy date night!

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