Monday, June 6, 2011

bridesmaid dresses

One of my best friends from college surprised us all by getting engaged this past Christmas. When she called me to tell me he proposed I squealed so loud I disrupted my family's Christmas Eve celebration! I could not be more excited for her. Molly and Sam hadn't been dating for very long, hence the surprise, but they are completely perfect for one another. They are sublimely happy and I am so excited to be taking part in their big day.

Molly has picked eight girls for her side of the bridal party and we range in age and size by equal amounts. To deal with this, she is allowing us to pick any formal black dress that strikes our fancy. I was so very happy when she told us about her plan for us, especially because it means I can put off buying a dress until close to the last minute! I'm not procrastinating, I'm avidly stalking dresses constantly, but I am also losing weight at a fairly rapid pace and I don't want to buy something that would need crazy alterations right before the wedding and cost me a fortune to fix!

I'm hoping to share a bunch of different ideas and get opinions on them. With my weight loss, I want to look bangin' in October at the wedding. I know it isn't about me, but it is a good motivator! I'm hoping that my body shape might change a little tiny bit (or at least that my hips will shrink a bit) and I will be able to wear a style that I lust over but haven't been able to wear just yet.
I have a small obsession with one shoulder dresses.

This one is probably the most practical

I really like the bust line.

Very "fashion-y" I love it! Lets hope my body loves it too.
(All dresses from Nordstrom)

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