Friday, June 10, 2011

cute tshirts

I have a thing for silly sayings on t-shirts. There are really very few places you can wear them, but running is definitely one of them. I actually find myself drawn to strong, inspiring sayings on running shirts, especially if it says something about me running fast because I am simply slower than a turtle. I find it inspiring. I found these shirts on etsy and wanted to share them because I'm in love with them.
Love this one, talk about inspiring! Found here.

Totally going with my theme here! Found here. 
Since the half is my running goal, then onto triathalons, I LOVE this one! Found here.

Love the little bit of math thrown in - a very "me" shirt! Found here.

Cute running shirts always make me want to get out and run. What helps inspire you to hit the pavement?

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