Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June goals

In addition to tracking weekly goals, I'd like to also keep track of monthly goals. I struggled a lot through both April and May to stay on track. I managed to keep up with my goals as far as weight loss was concerned (barely - only made May by the skin of my teeth), but I was awful with mileage in May.
My friend Kara and I finishing at the Dennis Devlin Memorial 5k. My second 5k, she is an amazing running partner and I am beyond lucky to be able to race with her! She keeps my motivation up and helps me crush goals. Thanks Kara!

First, a quick recap of what this year has been like for me:
  • Starting weight 242 pounds
  • Started working out consistently
  • Started c25k 1/24
  • Ran 7.5 miles
  • Weight 233 pounds
  • Running 3 days a week, cross training 3 days a week
  • Ran 22.3 miles
  • Weight 227 pounds
  • Still consistent running/cross training
  • Ran 24.2 miles
  • Weight 220 pounds (on 4/9 my birthday) - HUGE accomplishment for me. I was really proud of this. It was a stretch goal for me and I was thrilled when I was down 20 pounds by my birthday.
  • Started running outside
  • Ran first "super 5k" actually 4.5 miles in 58:08
  • Ran 43.8 miles
  • Weight 217 pounds
  • Ran second 5k in 39:21 VERY happy with this run, it was quick and I felt great about it. Didn't run the whole distance, but I was thrilled with it.
  • Ran 35.3 miles
  • Weight 212 pounds
  • I'm a bit discouraged about how slow the weight is coming off now, but I know my mileage has decreased drastically.
  • The temperatures are up a ton and it is making it harder to run outside.
So my goals for June are:
  • Hit 50 miles of running
  • Hit 205 pounds - at 200 I'm treating myself to a drastic haircut. 
  • Start bridge to 10k
  • Run at least one 5k
  • Find and sign up for a 10k
  • Start biking and swimming - with goal of starting triathlon training.

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Jenna Lee said...

HELL YEAH! You go Girl!

Love you Jules!