Monday, August 27, 2012

welcoming fall

I know it's a week early but we celebrated the end of summer and beginning of fall this week. It was opening weekend of a friend's apple orchard. The apple crop is about 2 weeks early this year because of the crazy weather we've had here in NY.

Friday night we celebrated my cousin Zach's birthday. We had a great time hanging out and enjoying his basketball (Miami Heat) themed party. It was delicious with pizza, wings and salad. Totally delicious. The cake was a bit hilarious because they messed it up like whoa.

 Saturday morning I took my first real outdoor bike ride. It was crazy and I'm way sore from the bike seat (tmi??) I have no idea how bikers do this! Then we went to the Orchard and then my sisters both came and stayed at my house for the night. We played games, had a big barbecue and all in all had a  great night.

Sunday was a bit more low key. We went and walked over the Hudson River. Then we came back, had lunch, played some cards and then it was time for them all to go back to their houses.

Sunday night I took another bike ride. It really hurt just as bad this time...Although I hear at some point I'm supposed to get used to the feeling. I sure hope their right about that one!

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