Thursday, August 30, 2012

biker babes.

Jenn and I are working on conquering the bike. She is much more proficient than I am, but she's a great teacher. Last week I took my first official outdoor bike ride. After that, she and I were looking at "races" to train for. I think bike races scare me way more than running ones do. I'm a bit terrified of being on the bike. I'm not good at going fast, even with a helmet on. I was going 13-15mph the other day and thought I was going to fly off the bike and die. Jenn helped me through it a little though, so I'm pretty lucky.

So far in the last week, I think I've done about 20 miles on the bike, mostly thanks to the 10 mile ride Jenn and I did on Tuesday night! 10 miles, at one time! Wahoo!! I felt SO accomplished after that.

And on that note, I'll leave you with a super sexy picture of Jenn and I post bike ride:

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