Wednesday, August 15, 2012

new week new pins

After the super crazy week we had last week, I tried to keep it super simple this week. Lots of time hanging out with the treadmill and not with big luxurious dinners has been exactly what the doctor ordered!
Tonight's big plan is to head to a new local brewery for trivia night! I'm not sure I could be more excited! Jenn is staying at my house tonight so she can come to trivia after work and not get home at 11pm.
But onto more exciting things, it's OHP Wednesday!!

As someone who loves to be in the kitchen, I think home made food favors are the best idea for my future wedding. I love this set up.

Uh, s'mores whoopie pies? Seriously!? Yum. I think I need these like tomorrow. Then I'll be spending a couple extra hours on the treadmill!

I love these frames, so fun and still gorgeous.

What a fun room!! I'm loving this.

I don't know about where you are, but there are zucchinis everywhere right now. I think this is the perfect way to use up some of them.

Love love love this color combo. The grey and purple is so pretty but not very masculine!

Too soon?


Christa Waldrop said...

What great pins! Smores woopie pies? Could it get any better? Happy Wednesday!

Significance or Nothing.

Nicholl Vincent said...

cute favor idea!

Have a lovely day! Stop by and say hello! :)