Thursday, August 9, 2012


I know all this talk about my cousin and his cancer has been a little bit of a downer. But today I have to talk about it just one more time to show you how amazingly lucky I am to call this group of people my family.

Derek started losing his hair on Sunday. It has been rough for him, he was sitting in this living room and he was running his hands through his hair and clumps were just falling out. He had kind of a major freak out, which is totally understandable. I think the whole cancer thing just finally overwhelmed him. The benefit of having a family like mine is that when you get overwhelmed and you are freaking out, there is always someone there to help you out.

Yesterday my some of my uncles and male cousins did their part to help out.

The bracelets are blue rubber ones that say "Team Derek - We Are Family"

Gordon showing Derek how you can be cool with a bald head.

Just so you know, I keep crying whenever I see these pictures.


Jamie Campbell said...

oh my gosh. that's amazing. :)

JKT said...

Oh my God...melt my heart. That is so, so cool. What an amazing family you have. My prayers will be going out for Derek and your family. Y'all will be in my thoughts.