Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend crazies

When one is in need of funk busting (a very technical term) some retail therapy and some family time can work wonders.

First, there was some shopping. Found this GORGEOUS dress at Marshalls on clearance for $20! That's 85% off of regular price!! I bought it. With no where to go. But it makes me feel so pretty.

Then there was some much needed time with baby b.

There was some trivia time at a new local brewery. Yes, we brought the baby to the bar.

There was a trip to the farm stand where the farmer gave me a free ginormous yellow squash. It quickly became "zucchini" bread. More on that tomorrow.

A late night gym date with myself. Got there 90 minutes before closing and stayed until they were vacuuming around me.

Six year old birthday parties can be great fun. These are my twin cousins, Devan and Danielle, snuggling the new babies in the family.

Then there was more retail therapy. Girls day out, all four of us went to the outlet mall. There weren't too many great deals to be had, but we had a good day out together!

I'm definitely feeling a little bit better this morning. Looking forward to starting this week off on the right foot.

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