Thursday, August 23, 2012

proud alumni

This week the Princeton Review released their rankings of the best colleges across the country. There are a bajillion categories so it's pretty likely that your alma mater will hit the top 10 in at least one of the categories.  My alma mater did in fact make the top ten, but it didn't stop there, it got the top spot!!
Northeastern University was ranked number 1 in career services! Go NU!

I loved college. I seriously loved being there. When I was looking at schools, I was looking at going for computer science and my dream school was MIT. When I made my trip to look at colleges, MIT was my first stop. But while up in the Boston/Cambridge area, you're so surrounded by colleges that it's hard to not look at others. We saw Harvard and BU and a bunch of others. We actually accidentally drove through Northeastern. I made my dad park the car so I could run to the student union and grab an application. I fell in love.

The dream of MIT faded away and I decided (thanks to quite a bit of scholarship) that I would be heading to Northeastern University's college of business administration. I loved my 5 years there and wouldn't have traded them for anything in the world.

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