Tuesday, September 27, 2011

worth celebrating

My grandfather turns 79 years old today! He worked countless hours to support and raise 7 kids to be amazing adults without a single complaint. He grew up in the south with strong southern values and those values have carried him through his entire life. He has always been there whenever any of his kids or grandchildren needed anything. He's a pretty awesome man.

I'm dedicating today's post to him. He has lived through a lot and come out of it an incredible and inspiring person. He taught my dad to be a man that I looked up to and that says something about his character.

Granddaddy with his kids. My dad is the one in the green! Lovin' Granddaddy's cowboy hat!

I love this picture. Granddad with my cousin Devan. They have an amazing relationship and I love how this picture
captures it.

Laughing at me for taking his picture. Hanging out at the lake celebrating my aunt's 50th birthday part!

We don't do anything small in our family. Halloween is even an adventure! We took over his senior living center when
we stopped in to show him the costumes. (And yes, I was Mrs Potato head last year for halloween!)

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Lindsey Kristin said...

Aren't grandparents the best! Love how your family doesn't do anything small, ours either